It’s been several years since oldos has been modified in any way. Many years ago, I archived the website because it was running on a dangerously old PHP release, with unmaintained wiki software that, at the time, I didn’t have the time or knowledge to maintain. So I took a drastic step and archived the site with httrack, hosted it on a major cloud provider and didn’t touch it again until now.

Obviously, without a working CMS updating the website has been nearly impossible. So, I’ve migrated over all the content from the oldos site. A warning; while the website itself has been given a facelift, the content has not been heavily edited. At this point, I’d consider the informational articles – especially the How-Tos section – as more of a historical artifact than actual useful, accurate information.

Now that I’ve completed the migration to a format that makes the website more maintainable, I can start digging through the content, updating as needed and maybe even adding some new articles! Thanks for stopping by.